Marado Fishing Supplies

We are sorry to advise you that Marado Fishing Tackle Equipment Company, and it's parent company, Shina Sports is no longer doing business.   If you are in need of a part, the best idea is to try and find it online possibly on Ebay or other site.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Shina Sports (Marado in US) fishing equipment is designed to deliver quality performance and durability for season after season of fishing pleasure.   Shina or Marado rods, reels and other products are the result of more than a decade of design and production refinement.  There is a Shina Sports rod and reel to help you enjoy a relaxing day of fishing or to tilt odds in your favor on that next trophy trip.

Take this opportunity to study the precision, performance and innovative products that carry the Shina or MARADO name. You will find that they are everything we say and an extraordinary value, too!

Welcome to Shina Sportsfishing Excellence.

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