San-Fu Title

San Fu Fishing Tackle Co., Ltd manufactures high quality yet inexpensive fishing rod guides and reel seats.  The company uses various materials including stainless steel, aluminum, zirconium, hardaloy and titanium.    Any component you see on a rod other than the blank itself is made by San Fu!

SaltWater FISHING! is very pleased to announce that we are now wholesale distributors for San Fu rod components in the United States.  We will distribute San Fu components to bona fide rod builders or rod manufacturers or retailers in the United States.  We believe that although San Fu rod components are less well known their Fuji counterparts, the quality is there and the costs are advantageous.

San Fu can also reproduce any component to your specification with your label.   Limited numbers of samples are available for serious inquiries only.    If you are a bona fide rod builder or manufacturer or fishing tackle retailer, please feel free to contact us to receive a San Fu catalogue, pricing and/or to place your orders.  

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A few additional pages of the catalog can be found here.